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Training programs are developed based on an in-person consultation and movement assessment.  Supplemental education is included to further increase program comprehension.

Personal Training

What's included

Summerville or Mount Pleasant SC only

What's included

  • 60 min initial consultation: medical history, goals, lifestyle, and comprehensive movement assessment
  • Monthly customized supplemental programming
  • In-person coaching during each scheduled session
  • Weekly program adjustment
  • Supplemental education

Distance coaching involves a monthly customized exercise programming subscription. Just like our other programming options, each plan is designed after completion of an initial virtual consultation and movement assessment. Weekly check-ins are performed virtually with your coach to review exercise technique, collect feedback, provide learning opportunities, and to adjust current programming. Supplemental education included. Great option for those who have existing gym experience or an established routine.

Distance coaching

What's included

What's included

  • 60 min complimentary client intake and virtual movement assessment
  • Monthly customized supplemental programming
  • 45 min weekly virtual check-in appointments with your coach
  • Weekly program adjustment
  • Supplemental education

Book a 60 min mentorship session to ask questions, review your current training program, break down exercise techniques, or explore topics in the field. Great for new and aspiring coaches and trainers to gain insight.

Mentorship consultation


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Her intelligence regarding human movement and performance is unmatched to any other coach I’ve come across because of her vast experience in rehabilitation and high level athletics…

Coach Rhi not only understands that, but goes to great lengths to identify my optimal work capacity and the recovery protocols necessary to keep me in the gym, getting stronger. Most importantly, her attention and knowledge has kept me injury-free for over two years, while competing at the national level….

Last time I was training with Rhi, I came to the realization she had single handedly saved my lifting career, as well as changed the lives of my personal clients after my training philosophy adapted…

I’d say the biggest difference in her training was the intent behind each workout. It was not to crush me; but to reshape how I moved, produce force, and improve how I felt….

Rhiannon was my personal trainer for 3 years in New York City. It’s hard to know where to begin with her accolades, as they are countless. Rhiannon is extremely knowledgeable in the realm of human anatomy and personal training. She understands how to apply science and programming to the individual, and her client’s personal goals…

Atlas Performance Methods was founded on the principles of scientific evidence, exploration, and practical experience in the fields of sports medicine and strength and conditioning. Through my years of experience as an Olympic weightlifting athlete, healthcare professional, and student, I saw a discrepancy between the information delivered to each audience. I decided to use the education and evidence I’ve obtained to bring the best possible package to the table: a platform where anyone can advance their knowledge of human movement, improve their functional capacity and athletic performance, dial in their nutrition, and prevent injury all in one common place. 

Rhiannon, MS, ATC, CSCS

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