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Our approach allows you to build your own exclusive team of health and wellness practitioners who are on the same page concerning your personal journey. Our consultants pride themselves on education, communication, and delivering lasting results.

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Knowledge is power. Knowing more about your own health will deepen your understanding of any next steps concerning treatment and allow you to become your own advocate. Not only do we want you to reach your health and wellness goals, but we also provide a unique, educational environment that will foster continued learning, growing, and building usable skills that will last a lifetime.

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Detailed, Confidential Intake Questionnaire

Prior to your movement assessment, you will meet with our program coordinator virtually to provide insight into your medical history, goals, and lifestyle. 

In-Depth Movement Analysis

Each individualized program is developed after a comprehensive movement assessment to determine the most effective strategy for you. 

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what Your customized program Could include

Atlas Performance Program

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Whether you experience pain or need to recover from a nagging injury, our team can layer in preventative and rehabilitation strategies to complement your current exercise routine. 

Customized Exercise Programming  

When we say ‘customized’, we truly mean it. Exercise programming takes into consideration the results of your movement assessment and intake questionnaire and is designed with your current abilities and goals in mind.  

Mental Performance Coaching 

The mind is a commonly overlooked piece with coaching and training. The integration of mental performance coaching is a game-changer, whether you’re a high-performing athlete or not.  

Functional Nutrition Therapy 

Take a deeper look into your nutrition and the root cause of symptoms caused by common GI issues, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, and blood sugar dysregulation. Learn the incredible power and therapeutic use of food with this holistic approach. 

Specialized Sports Performance Enhancement 

Take your current sports and athletic skills to the next level with our team of specialized sports consultants. Get stronger, faster, and execute better on game day. Be ready to take on the world. 

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Atlas Performance Methods was founded on the principles of scientific evidence, exploration, and practical experience in the fields of sports medicine and strength and conditioning. Through my years of experience as an Olympic weightlifting athlete, healthcare professional, and student, I saw a discrepancy between the information delivered to each audience. I decided to use the education and evidence I’ve obtained to bring the best possible package to the table: a platform where anyone can advance their knowledge of human movement, improve their functional capacity and athletic performance, dial in their nutrition, and prevent injury all in one common place. 

Rhiannon, MS, ATC, CSCS

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Her intelligence regarding human movement and performance is unmatched to any other coach I’ve come across because of her vast experience in rehabilitation and high level athletics…

Coach Rhi not only understands that, but goes to great lengths to identify my optimal work capacity and the recovery protocols necessary to keep me in the gym, getting stronger. Most importantly, her attention and knowledge has kept me injury-free for over two years, while competing at the national level….

Last time I was training with Rhi, I came to the realization she had single handedly saved my lifting career, as well as changed the lives of my personal clients after my training philosophy adapted…

I’d say the biggest difference in her training was the intent behind each workout. It was not to crush me; but to reshape how I moved, produce force, and improve how I felt….

Rhiannon was my personal trainer for 3 years in New York City. It’s hard to know where to begin with her accolades, as they are countless. Rhiannon is extremely knowledgeable in the realm of human anatomy and personal training. She understands how to apply science and programming to the individual, and her client’s personal goals…

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This is for you if you want results backed by science.

This is for you if you want an education-based, holistic approach to your health and wellness.

 This is for you if you want to fully appreciate and understand the process.

This is for you if you want to work with a coach on every detail of your program.

This is for you if you want skill development and lasting change that will accompany you throughout your lifetime. 

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A new kind of program

Get face-to-face interaction with your coach that will help drive your results through the roof

The Atlas Performance Program is designed to take you to the next level. This isn’t just any health program, it’s designed for consistent, face-to-face interaction with your coach, virtual education, and individualized performance protocols. Our program is designed with your goals in mind: we want you to succeed.
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