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The Atlas Performance Program is designed to take you to the next level with the option to pick your own specialized team of health and human performance consultants. Your hand-selected team will communicate with each other consistently to best serve your individual goals and health history.
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Personal Training

Achieve your health and fitness goals with Atlas Performance Methods’ in-person and distance coaching. Our experienced coaches provide tailored exercise programming after a thorough needs analysis performed in-person or from the comfort of your own home. Improve your physical performance and enhance your overall health with our credentialed coaches.

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In-person services are provided in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC metropolitan areas


Our Story

Rhiannon’s personal philosophy developed over a lifetime as the culmination of experience and formal education as a healthcare professional, coach, student, and high-level athlete. As her knowledge and practical skills grew throughout her career, she noticed a common thread between each domain. Athletes were getting physically strong, but by sacrificing key components necessary for their longevity and overall health. Patients were managing pain short-term in the clinic but returned to normal life without addressing the root cause of the problem. This cycle of ‘chasing pain’ and ‘quick fixes’ bred a culture of singular solutions and the spread of misinformation. Atlas Performance Methods, LLC., was developed to close the gap through integration and education between all fields: sports medicine, physical therapy, exercise physiology, psychology, nutrition, and sports performance. Atlas Performance Methods, LLC., is a platform where anyone can advance their knowledge, move better, feel better, and become their own advocate. 

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We are a community of driven individuals who are motivated by the process to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Her intelligence regarding human movement and performance is unmatched to any other coach I’ve come across because of her vast experience in rehabilitation and high level athletics…

Coach Rhi not only understands that, but goes to great lengths to identify my optimal work capacity and the recovery protocols necessary to keep me in the gym, getting stronger. Most importantly, her attention and knowledge has kept me injury-free for over two years, while competing at the national level….

Last time I was training with Rhi, I came to the realization she had single handedly saved my lifting career, as well as changed the lives of my personal clients after my training philosophy adapted…

I’d say the biggest difference in her training was the intent behind each workout. It was not to crush me; but to reshape how I moved, produce force, and improve how I felt….

Rhiannon was my personal trainer for 3 years in New York City. It’s hard to know where to begin with her accolades, as they are countless. Rhiannon is extremely knowledgeable in the realm of human anatomy and personal training. She understands how to apply science and programming to the individual, and her client’s personal goals…