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Rhiannon’s personal philosophy developed over a lifetime as the culmination of experience and formal education as a healthcare professional, coach, student, and high-level athlete. As her knowledge and practical skills grew throughout her career, she noticed a common thread between each domain. Athletes were getting physically strong, but by sacrificing key components necessary for their longevity and overall health. Patients were managing pain short-term in the clinic but returned to normal life without addressing the root cause of the problem. This cycle of ‘chasing pain’ and ‘quick fixes’ bred a culture of singular solutions and the spread of misinformation. Atlas Performance Methods, LLC., was developed to close the gap through integration and education between all fields: sports medicine, physical therapy, exercise physiology, psychology, nutrition, and sports performance. Atlas Performance Methods, LLC., is a platform where anyone can advance their knowledge, move better, feel better, and become their own advocate. 

Rhiannon Reynolds, Ms, ATC, CSCS

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Program Coordinator/Head Coach

With over 18 years of experience in the training industry, Craig Bush founded Tipping Point Basketball Academy; now Five Star Basketball which he recently sold upon relocating to Charleston South Carolina with his wife and two boys.

His playing experience includes Indiana All-State Candidate, FCA High School Player of year, Team USA'S Juniors selection - played in Australia, University of West Florida basketball player

Craig has trained over 10,000 Training athletes trained, 100 + Next level athletes signed, All-area, Allstate selections, state scoring leaders, state FG% leaders, state team FT% leaders, three Presidential scholarship award winners, one Mr. Basketball selection, nations scoring leader for all college levels. Craig is Considered an expert/elite shooting instructor
Craig is also an innovator with a Patented inventor RepUp - NBA Launchpad finalist worldwide competition for emerging technologies to advance the NBA's top basketball and business priorities. Shark Tank ABC casting call. 

Craig Bush


Basketball Performance Coach & Consultant, B.S. Sports Management

Andrew is a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, online fitness and nutrition consultant, and a physical therapy aide. He is a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist through Joe DeFranco’s CPPS certification, a Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach, and is certified in body tempering via Donnie Thompson.
Andrew is a former collegiate football player at Susquehanna University from 2009-2013, where he played defensive line. Upon graduation, he helped start up and manage a small private personal training studio in Northern New Jersey for 8+ years. As of 2021, he has relocated to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
Andrew specializes in developing individualized strength training programs and wellness programs to help maximize the potential of every person looking to improve their health and wellbeing. These training programs including bodybuilding routines, strength routines, athletic development routines, and cardiac emphasized routines as well.
He is also a diet and nutrition consultant, focusing on the psychology of eating habits, and how to optimize an individual’s diet plan to fit their lifestyle and preferences. He emphasizes that it’s encouraged to include the foods and drinks that you love, in which diet adherence will be significantly heightened.
Andrew also offers in person self-myofascial release sessions via body tempering, a proven method to improve flexibility, mobility, physical performance, injury mitigation, and pain reduction.

Andrew Sayler


 Strength, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Coach

Dr. Scott A. Dreyer is the Executive Director Performance Insight LLC in Charleston, SC. He and his team deliver sustainable performance coaching and mental training services to individuals, athletes, performing artists, and business professionals. His passion lies in helping others to achieve their desired life path. With a focus on maximizing human potential, he often helps individuals to remove both internal and external obstacles that prevent peak performance. With an expertise in human behavior, emotion, and motivation, his clients increase self-awareness, identify personal values, acquire new tools/skills, and develop the confidence needed to achieve their goals and create life satisfaction.  
Education & Training:
Originally from Rockville Centre, NY, Coach Scott obtained his BA in Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology from Lehigh University, PA. Upon graduation, he went on to earn his M.S. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Kentucky. He received his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University in Louisville, KY. His internship was completed in Denver, CO and his post-doctoral training took place in Charleston, SC at the Medical University of South Carolina. Coach Scott is licensed as a psychologist by the state of South Carolina (2001). He is a certified coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He and his team are trained to utilize sport psychology interventions, cognitive behavioral techniques, anxiety management tools, hypnosis, visualization techniques, coaching, and assessments.

Scott A. Dreyer, Psy.D.


Mental Coach & Performance Psychologist – SC License # 837

Coached almost 40 years at every level from NCAA Division 1 to Division 3. Specializing in offensive line play and athletic enhancement. Served as an associate professor at several institutions. Also was a head high school football coach at 3 schools in the Carolinas and coached professionally in the Arena League. 

Competitive powerlifter winning the NC State Championship in the 198 lb. division. Competitive bodybuilder for the last 30 years winning the NPC Mr. Universe 60+ in 2021 and earning an IFBB Pro Card. Placed 4th at the Pro World Championships in 2022.

John Patterson


Fitness Consultant & Performance Enhancement Specialist

Dr. Matt created VanSlyke Physical Therapy in order to offer a more holistic and individualized approach to helping people navigate pain, injury, and activity limitations. I am dedicated to providing each client with a unique, individual plan and program. As a multi-sport athlete one of the pinnacles of the work that I do is with helping athletes at all levels of play return to their sport post injury. This is done while ensuring an athlete's return to sport aims to reduce risk of re-injury that can occur with an incomplete rehab. Based on my own experience as an athlete having dealt with my own personal injuries, I understand the challenges faced by athletes, the importance of proper and efficient movement, and how to help others take control of their own outcomes. 
Prior to becoming a Physical Therapist, Dr. Matt earned his Bachelors and Masters of Science Degrees in Psychology from SUNY at Albany. After working with a Physical Therapist to alleviate his own running related injury, he returned to college and went on to receive his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from The Sage Colleges in 2013.
Behind VanSlyke Physical Therapy Matthew and his wife Lisa maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with their 3 busy children. 

Matthew VanSlyke


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Becca was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Tech, and received her Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Austin, TX. She is also a certified Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute in San Francisco, CA. Most recently, Becca became a Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner, allowing her to create more robust protocols for her clients based on quantitative labs. 
Becca is passionate about helping people accomplish their health goals with the use of food rather than medications. She loves to simplify complicated nutrition concepts for her clients, while helping them get relief from GI issues, autoimmune symptoms, and blood sugar dysregulation. She strongly believes that no two people should be on the same nutrition protocol as we are all uniquely bio-individual, which is why she tailors her recommendations to each client’s specific needs based on their symptoms, functional labs, lifestyle and background. 
Becca currently offers functional testing in her practice to help you address the root cause of your symptoms. These tests include the GI-Map, MRT-176 Food Sensitivity Testing, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. To learn more about these test offerings, book a free 15-minute discovery call with her. 

Rebecca Martin


Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

Chris obtained his Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver and is in the final stage of achieving the highest certification in Sport Psychology (CMPC). Chris works with athletes as a mental performance coach and previously worked as a strength and conditioning coach (CSCS). Chris works with athletes on the WTA, NCAA, Korn Ferry Tour, High School, and youth levels. He played collegiate golf at Queens University of Charlotte, and earned all-state honors in high school tennis, golf, and basketball. Chris is passionate about enhancing athlete’s performance through mental training and focusing on their overall wellbeing and mental health.

Chris Demarco


Mental Performance Coach

Daniel Viera has over 13 years of experience coaching triathlon and multi-sport athletes around the world. His client list includes 2 US silver medalists from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As one of the few Level II USA Triathlon Coaches in the country, he trains and coaches triathletes of all abilities and ages. 
He represented USA Triathlon at the US Olympic Committee High-Performance Coaching Workshop at Princeton University, attended the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, witnessing the USA win their first Olympic Gold medal in triathlon, and has coached at US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for the USAT Collegiate Recruitment Program to vet and train athletes for the 2020/21 Tokyo Olympics. Daniel delivers results tailored to his client’s fitness level and goals no matter how ambitious they may be!

Daniel Viera


Triathlon & Multi-Sport Coach