Rhiannon was my personal trainer for 3 years in New York City. It’s hard to know where to begin with her accolades, as they are countless. Rhiannon is extremely knowledgeable in the realm of human anatomy and personal training. She understands how to apply science and programming to the individual, and her client’s personal goals. She excels at curating programs specific to each of her client’s needs. Rhiannon is patient, kind, punctual, reliable, trustworthy, and crazy smart about the human body and how it functions. She is clear and concise when teaching any skill. She knows how to work around injuries and truly helps improve one’s quality of life, by imparting her knowledge on all things wellness, nutrition, and fitness. I learned so much training with Rhi, which I have can now utilize on my own. Rhiannon is an incredible trainer and individual. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am lucky to call also her a friend. 

Client: Heather McDowell 

As a Master’s Division lifter, my needs/capabilities are different from, say, a competitive lifter in their 30s. Coach Rhi not only understands that, but goes to great lengths to identify my optimal work capacity and the recovery protocols necessary to keep me in the gym, getting stronger. Most importantly, her attention and knowledge has kept me injury-free for over two years, while competing at the national level. From fine-tuning some of my existing movement patterns to completely rebuilding others, Coach Rhi has been as dedicated to my training as I have, and has worked tirelessly to refine my approach based on goals AND results. If something isn’t going as planned, we adapt. When things are, we refine. She’s not only taught me about the sport of lifting and the science behind performance, she’s made me stronger than I’ve ever imagined being, both physically and mentally. So prepare to work, prepare for a coach who’s supportive (but also won’t take any half-ass bullshit) and, most importantly, prepare to put up some big numbers.

Jason L., 105/93k Powerlifter

I’d say the biggest difference in her training was the intent behind each workout. It was not to crush me; but to reshape how I moved, produce force, and improve how I felt. After implementing this into my own training, as well as training for my clients, pain disappeared, range of motion increased, the form of all my major lifts were improving - because of all of this the weights flew up!

Last time I was training with Rhi, I came to the realization she had single handedly saved my lifting career, as well as changed the lives of my personal clients after my training philosophy adapted. I have been lifting for about 10 years: at the ripe age of 24 I was riddled with frequent back pain, anterior shoulder pain, and little to no dorsiflexion in my ankles. This did not stop me from loading every motion as heavy as I could and giving it everything I had.

Her intelligence regarding human movement and performance is unmatched to any other coach I’ve come across because of her vast experience in rehabilitation and high level athletics. She has changed my life for the better and I hope one day I may emulate her training so I may have the same effect on my clients.

Andrew Realmuto, Certified Personal Trainer

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