1. How do I get started?

It’s easy! Click on the free consultation button and schedule a time to meet your coach virtually. You must fill out the physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) and client intake questionnaire prior to your meeting. Rest assured that this information is kept completely confidential. This information is crucial: it helps the coach learn important details to build a strong foundation, and allows us to guide you towards the most appropriate options for you. 

2. Do I need my own equipment?

For all virtual services, you will need access to various types of exercise equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands. You can either accomplish this by having your own home gym equipment or by joining a gym. If you have limited equipment, feel free to ask and we can assist you in recommending some cost effective options. You will also need adequate space where you’re able to move around freely: we don’t want any tripping hazards. Our goal is to keep you healthy and safe! 

3. What type of experience does Atlas Performance Methods, LLC., provide?

Atlas Performance Methods, LLC. provides more than just exercise programming: we tailor the experience to align with your goals, lifestyle, health status, exercise experience, personal schedule, and much more. We provide you with an evidence-based education along the way: we want you to learn the what, why, and how behind your program. Our coaches work with you every step of way and will help you navigate any potential hurdles. We want you to succeed: we want you to take on the world.